Friday, February 9, 2007

The First of Many

This is my first blog. I am sitting in the Oakland Airport delayed for a few hours. They cant do anything right here in California..... Anyway, I figured i'd start a blog, since everyone likes to hear my opinion. So a little on what i'm thinking, and then into the sports..........

I was in Benicia, Ca for some training at my new job. Good crowd, like the opportunity. Frost overheated. In and Out Burger is greasy heaven.

California was pretty dead though. People don't go out on weekdays. Boring stuff, but beer without a crowd of people is still beer.

Onto the sports.........

Spring training opens in a week or so. God i can't wait.

Mark Prior is still throwing off flat ground. You heard it here first.

Cliff Floyd, Jacque Jones, Daryle Ward. Love those strikeouts.

Jose Reyes for President

Anybody gonna tell me when the real AK-47 is gonna show up? I mean, the Utah beast has been hit by the tranquilizer of a bad offensive system and a mostly healthy Carlos Boozer. If they want to go anywhere in the playoffs, Kirilenko has got to get the touches.

So about that Super Bowl.....
Where's the D by those Bears. Rex Grossman, will you please get a footwork coach? I think that if the Bears had Mike Brown, the game would have been closer. Either way, I would take Peyton Manning over Tom Brady anyday.

NBA All-Star Game coming up. Tyrus Thomas is gonna win the dunk competition without effort. Why would we want to see Nate Robertson in there again? I would rather see an old timer dunk contest, with Jordan, Drexler, Wilkins and all the still relatively young high flyers. I'll take Detlef Schrempf.